I recently had sinus surgery by Dr Lozada and only have great things to say

I recently had sinus surgery by Dr Lozada and only have great things to say. It's about three weeks since the surgery and while I'm still healing, my quality of life has already seen a big improvement.

I've had sinus related issues my entire life, but they became much worse over the last 15 or so years. Reoccurring sinusitis was a pain, but sleep apnea was the bigger problem.

This summer I visited UPenn's ENT clinic and was referred to Dr Lozada.

Two office visits with Dr Lozada and a CT scan determined that I had a concha bullosa, a deviated septum and another minor issue. The concha bullosa (Google it) was the biggest problem and surgery was the solution.

Having a strong science and health care background, and being generally apprehensive about surgery, I had a lot of questions and Dr Lozada was patient answering all of them. He was engaged, informative, and genuinely interested to make sure he answered my questions until I was comfortable.

I appreciated Dr Lozada calling the day before the surgery to make sure I was OK and answer any last minute questions.

The surgery went well and I was home several hours after entering the hospital.

I really appreciated Dr Lozada following-up by txt and phone in the days after the surgery to see how I was doing and make sure all was OK.

Dr Lozada scheduled two post-surgery follow-up visits so he could see how I was doing. Of course I had more questions, and he patiently answered all of them.

My experience with Dr Lozada has been very positive. 5 stars!


FYI - If you have sinus surgery for a deviated septum, concha bullosa, turbinate reduction or similar I highly recommend that you become comfortable with nasal irrigation **before** the surgery, as you will want to do it for a few weeks after the surgery. Nasal irrigation will make you feel better in the days just after surgery and it will definitely improve the healing process. I don't like Neti pots. Instead I use an irrigation pump. Google "NeilMed Hydro Pulse" though there are a few brands available.

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