Dr. Lozada changed my life!!

Dr. Lozada changed my life!! I can finally actually breathe through my nose! It may seem strange for some but I can't remember what it felt like to breathe through my nose until Kirk helped me. I battled breathing problems after some trauma incidents and could literally not breathe whilst rinsing mouth with listerine or even while washing face in shower. I had to mouth breathe 24/7. I first went to one of the most popular ENT clinics in Lebanon, PA (they won "Most Popular ENT In Central PA") for a solution, and underwent a very expensive medical procedure performed by doctors who have been in this business for over 25 years. The result was a ridiculous solution to a much larger and complex breathing issue that I presented with, which completely and literally "fell apart" after a flimsy medical suture, placed in the most inconvenient location, needed removed. Dr. Lozada graduated from The University of Pennsylvania, has experience with Penn Medicine, and grew up with a dad who also practices in the same area of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Lozada is extremely personable, patient, compassionate, friendly, will explain complex things with you in a simple manner, and most importantly, DELIVERS THE RESULTS THAT YOU SEEK! Dr. Lozada gave me a permanent solution to my rather complex breathing problem and I also benefited immensely from the aesthetic aspect of the solution. For any work in his practice area, I would recommend to ask for a consultation with him and if afterwards you do not feel or think that he is your guy, that's fine.. you can shake hands and part ways as friends. He not only connects with you on a professional level, answering all of your medical questions (even after hours during his sacred personal time), but also on a down-to-earth friend-to-friend level who will talk family life with you and someone who you can also joke around with. He is very empathetic with veterans and I highly recommend him.

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  • Sebastian Cortinez